bistro Munhwa Shikdang: Korean-western Fusion Bar & Restaurant Near Sungshin Women’s Univ, Seoul

IMG_9320 Gummy bears. That is the main reason why I’m writing a review for this place. Who would be unhappy with a gummy bear offer after your payment?? gmmb Are you looking for a place to relax and chat with your friends? Or are you looking for a romantic date destination? Do you like drinking? Do you like Korean-western fusion food? Do you like gummy bears? If any of these apply to you, this restaurant is for you!

My experience


Walk down the stairs…


Dried flowers, dim lights, cute ornaments. A nice atmosphere.

IMG_9247 IMG_9248

What we ordered: The Munhwa Shikdang Triplet (문화식당 삼합) Bulgogi pasta with a lot of green onions!

IMG_9249 IMG_9251

Mix it well!


This was good, but maybe too much green onions? I want to try something else next time because they had so many interesting things on the menu!

Menu * click for a bigger image

IMG_9241 IMG_9242 IMG_9243 IMG_9244

Lunch- 11:30 am to 3:30 pm

Kimchi Fried Rice (6,000)
Pork Rice Bowl (6,500)
Bacon Cream Omelette Rice (6,500 ) *recommended*
Salad Pasta 2 (8,500)

Dinner- 5:30 pm to 12:00 am

Homemade Oven Sausage (8,000)
Takowasa *cold octopus with wasabi (9,000)
Caprese Salad (9,000) Pork Rice Bowl (8,000)
Bacon Cream Omelette Rice (8,000)
Salad Pasta 2 (10,000) Shrimp Cream Pasta (10,000)
Munhwa Shikdang Soon-Tofu Jjigae (10,000)
Carbonara Ddeokboggi (14,000)
Italian Seafood Soup (16,000) *recommended*
Munhwa Shikdang Triplet (16,000)
The Pacific Ocean Entree
*salmon steak, spanish mackarel steak, and chili garlic shrimp* (18,000)
Cream strawberry (11,000) *only spring and winter*


Price range 3,500~20,000
Soju, Beer, Fruit Beer, Apple Cider, Wine, Sangaria, Cocktails, etc.


Price range 3,000~3,500
Coke, sprite, Zero-calorie Coke, Grapefruit Perrier, Ades, Tonic water, Sparkling Cranberry, Lemon slice (2,000)


스크린샷 2015-04-16 오전 12.07.59

Go to Line 4 Sungshin Women’s University Station. Walk out of exit 1. Make a right at the first corner, and walk down the busy shopping/restaurant street. When you get to a wider street for cars, make a left and walk straight until you see a rotary with five streets. Go to the corner with GS25. When you have GS25 on your right, walk straight for a few steps and turn right at the next street. You will see the stairs down to Munhwa Shikdang next to a cafe called Ka fee Klatsch (클라츠). IMG_9238


11:30 am to 12:00 am (Closed Sundays)

Address and Phone Number

Seoul Seongbuk-Gu Dongseon-Dong 2-Ga 150 B1 서울특별시 성북구 동선동2가 150 지하1층



Sungshin Women’s University is surrounded by many cute cafes and restaurants that I can’t wait to visit one day. Stop by the Rilakkuma Cafe for some drinks or come back to Chrome Yellow on another day 🙂


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