How to Order Food Delivery on a Korean App -배달의민족-


Seoul has been around freezing and below these days… My friend and I were planning on grabbing dinner together but we decided to get some delivery food instead of going out. On these kind of days, it’s just best to stay at home as much as possible.

배달의민족 (baedal-ui-minjok, The People of Delivery) is one of the few Korean Food Delivery Apps that you can use with your smart phone. This is especially convenient for foreigners who have learned how to read and understand Korean, but get too nervous to order by phone.

Here are the 10 easy steps to get your Korean food delivery.

1. Download the app and set up your account


The easiest way to set up this account is to log-in with your facebook account. Don’t worry, the app won’t announce your food delivery to your friends! You will also need to add your phone number and your home address to assure your delivery.

2. Make sure your locations is on, so the app can refer you to stores that are in your neighborhood. 

3. Choose the cuisine that you would like to have.
This time I chose Chinese (중국집).


4. Try to order from a restaurant with more and better ratings. 


The place I ordered from had 236 reviews. On top of the menu page, it says that I have to order at least 10,000 KRW for a delivery, and payments can be made through card or phone credits.


5. Choose something from the menu.

Just remember that what you get probably won’t look like the picture. Look at the review section to see photos by customers. This time I chose the Tangsuyuk and Jajangmyun Set (11,000 KRW).

IMG_7804 IMG_7805

6. Choose how many you want, and press the black button that says 장바구니 담기 to add this to your basket and continue adding other items. If this is your final choice, press the orange button that says 바로결제 to proceed to your payment.


7. Choose your method of payment.

There are many ways to make your payment…! Choose whatever you are comfortable with. With your card, phone credit, or Kakao Pay (which is linked to your card).

IMG_7808Or pay directly in person with cash or card.

IMG_7809And if you have any, use your points, coupons, gift certificates, T membership discounts, and OK cashback discounts.


8. And now you just wait! Your order is complete if you see this page. It says that I get a coupon after 3 pm tomorrow! ooh~~


You will also get a text message that tells you the approximate time that it would take for your order.

IMG_78119. Enjoy your meal!

IMG_7812IMG_7813Jajangmyun- Black Noodles!

IMG_7814Tangsuyuk- Sweet and Sour Pork

10. Make sure to leave your used plates outside your door.

The store usually provides a bag or container to leave your plates inside. The delivery guy will stop by your door again to pick it up. I left it out 2 hours after we got the delivery, and when I checked again another 3 hours later, it was gone.


Enjoy your meal! Let me know if you have any more questions.


2 thoughts on “How to Order Food Delivery on a Korean App -배달의민족-”

  1. Yoooooooooooooooooooooooo. What about addressssssssssss? and giving them your building door code etc? How does one go about doing that?


    1. As I have said in step 1, you need to enter your address in Korean when you first make your account. You can always enter a different address if you want with each order. That option shows up after you click “바로결제.”

      If you want to give the delivery man your door code, you can add it in the comment/request section (요청사항) that shows up when you pay for the items in your cart.


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