*CLOSED* Chrome Yellow- Pumpkin Bowl Meals near Sungshin Women’s Univ

IMG_7695 Have you ever had a meal served in a pumpkin bowl? I got a chance to eat one in the Sungshin Women’s University neighborhood.

The place is called Chrome Yellow. It looks like this on the outside. It’s on the second floor so take the stairs on the left. IMG_7094 Have a seat, take a look at the menu, and order at the cashier. IMG_7096 IMG_7098 IMG_7097


Soup and Salad
Golden Bowl Soup (pumpkin bowl) – small 7,500 KRW
regular 11,500 KRW
Pumpkin Salad – 7,500 KRW
Fresh Garden Salad – 7,500 KRW

Pozza Panini
Original/BBQ Chicken/Bulgogi – 4,500 KRW

Basil Cream Pasta – 8,500 KRW
Flying Fish Roe Pasta – 8,500 KRW **I recommend this!**

IMG_7100Meat Sauce Pasta – 8,500 KRW

Pumpkin Bowl Pasta
Rose/Bacon Gnocchi/Tomato – small 9,000 KRW
regular 13,000 KRW
**What I want to order on my next visit ^^**

Fondue Set – 16,000 KRW
*I got excited because you can’t find brussel sprouts and cauliflower at local supermarkets! But the cheese fondue was more like a soup?

IMG_7101 IMG_7102

Brustchetta – 4,400 KRW
Crepe Suzette – 4,000 KRW
*not my favorite but still good. It has a strong orange flavor.

IMG_7103Crepe Roll – 5,000 KRW
Crepe Ice Cream – 4,000 KRW
Macaroon – 2,200 KRW

Coffee/Grapefruit/Green Grape/Orange Ade – 3,500 KRW Plain/Kiwi/Sweet Pumpkin Ade – 4,500 KRW
Coffee/Tea – 3,000 ~ 4,500 KRW

How to get there

Go to Line 4 Sungshin Women’s University Station.
Walk out of exit 1.
Make a right at the first corner,
and walk down the busy shopping/restaurant street.
When you get to a wider street for cars, make a left and walk straight until you see a rotary with five streets.
At that corner, you should be able to see Chrome Yellow on your left (where it says A on the map).

스크린샷 2015-01-26 오후 11.22.51 Stop by the Rilakkuma Cafe for some drinks! It’s right around the corner.


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