9 Favorite Japanese Songs Covered in Korean

In high school, my Korean friends told me that “Yuki no Hana” is a famous Japanese song because it is covered by many Korean singers. Until recently, I only knew about that one song, but I found out that many more of my favorite Japanese songs are covered in Korean.

Here are some that I recommend because I like listening to them in both languages.

1. “Yuki no Hana” NAKASHIMA Mika (雪の華 中島美嘉)
— “눈의꽃” covered by multiple singers:
       박효신, 서영은, 김정훈, 소지섭
Both versions are called the “Snowflower,” and the lyrics are quite similar to each other.

2. “Hitomi wo Tojite” HIRAI Ken (瞳を閉じて 平井堅)
–“가만히 눈을 감고” 정재욱  
“With my eyes closed”
This song and “Katachi aru mono” is both from the Japanese film called “Sekai no chuushin de ai wo sakebu (Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World)”. His song was for the movie version, and the other song was for the drama version. Seems like the songs became famous in Korea because of the film.

3. “Katachi aru mono” SHIBASAKI Kou
(かたちあるもの 柴咲コウ)

–“같은 하늘 아래” 리사
Japanese title: Things with a shape
Korean title: Under the same sky
The Korean song is from a J-Pop Cover Album called “12 Memories of Love,” which was released in 2006. Seven Korean singers sang a Korean version of Japanese love songs.

4. “Niji” FUKUYAMA Masaharu (虹 福山雅治)
— “무지개” B2ST
“Rainbow.” This song and and “milk tea” is from Fukuyama Masaharu’s 20th debut anniversary album. It seems like he invited various Korean artists to cover his songs. Some of the lyrics overlap, but the story is different.

5. “milk tea” FUKUYAMA Masaharu (milk tea 福山雅治)
–“milk tea” G.NA
Although it is sung by a male singer in Japanese, the lyrics are about a girl who talks about how she loves her caring boyfriend. The Korean lyrics are almost the same as the Japanese lyrics.

6. “TSUNAMI” Southern All Stars
(TSUNAMI サザンオールスターズ)

–“그런가봐요” V.One
Korean title: Seems like it
The Japanese version sings about a guy basking in sadness because of a girl he can’t see anymore. The Korean version is also about a heartbroken guy but he focuses more on what she said when she broke up with him.

7. “Kotoba ni dekinai” Off Course (言葉にできない オフコース)

–“말로는 할 수 없어” 일락
“Can’t be put into words”
I couldn’t find the original, so I linked a Japanese cover by DBSK ❤

8. “La La La Love Song” KUBOTA Toshinobu (久保田利伸)
–“La La La Love Song” 가현
This song has been covered in Chinese, English, and Malay as well. The original was used in a famous Japanese drama called “Long Vacation.”

Korean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7oHz-GLa9Y

9. “Makenaide” ZARD (負けないで ZARD)
–“지지마 ” 전혜선
“Don’t give up (don’t lose).” This is famous in Japan as a song for encouragement. The original is from 1993, and in Korea, this song was used in a drama from 2004 (반올림).

Korean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFWLDMQSbqw

What are your favorite songs that are covered in different languages?


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