Decorating Cupcakes at “cake i made”

When was the last time you decorated a cupcake? Maybe it was with your family during Christmas, or at a birthday party during elementary school. I don’t even remember when I last decorated a cupcake back home, but I did it last week in Seoul.


cake i made (Konkuk University Branch)

At “cake i made,”a chain store which has three locations in northeastern Seoul (Hyehwa, Konkuk University, and Nowon), you can sit down and decorate cupcakes with your friends.


DIRECTIONS: Konkuk University Station (건대입구역) exit 2. Make a left at the exit and walk straight until you see a Seven Eleven on your left. The store is on the second floor. If you find Cafe Bene, you’ve walked too far, so make a u-turn.

CAPACITY: Approximately 24 people.

HOURS: Mon – Sat 10 am – 9 pm, Sun 11 am – 8 pm

You can make reservations by phone or Kakao Talk. 

PHONE: 02-463-6050 or 010-2576-8515

KAKAO TALK ID: cakeimade



IMG_6708* click for a larger view of the menu

Cakes: Pre-made vanilla cake, chocolate cake, chiffon cake, tiramisu, cheese cake, sweet potato cake (15,000 KRW~32,000 KRW). You have to pay extra for toppings and fruits.

Cupcakes: Walnut, blueberry, chocolate chips, or cheese (1 for 4,000 KRW, 3 for 9,000, or 4 for 11,000).

Toppings: Sugar crafts, chocolate, cookies, macaroons (300 KRW+)

Whipped Cream: Available in different shapes and colors/flavors (1,000 KRW for each bag. One bag included for the 4 cupcake set.)


Cookies: Pre-made vanilla or cocoa cookies (300 KRW+). You can decorate them with colored icings.

Drinks: Coffee, tea, milk, soda, juice (3,000~4,000 KRW. There is a 1,000 KRW discount for those who make a cake.)

My Experience

Step 1: Went to the counter and chose the 4 cupcake set. Chose the original whipping cream so we won’t have to pay extra.

Step 2: Walked around the store to choose our toppings. Each topping has a separate price.

IMG_6710 IMG_6711IMG_6713 red velvet powder


Apeach from Kakao Talk!IMG_6715 IMG_6716Christmas decorations!

IMG_6720 IMG_6721Hearts with candles.

Step 3: Took the toppings to a table and started decorating.

IMG_6722 IMG_6726 IMG_6727 IMG_6729

Step 4: Took the completed cupcakes to the cashier and paid. The cashier showed me the receipt first to make sure she counted the toppings correctly.


Step 5: Took pictures of our cupcakes, and lit the candle for my friend’s birthday. They gave us a match and plastic knife.

IMG_6735Step 6: Ate!! Even though I ate the whole cupcaket was not the best cupcake that I’ve had… It was more like a muffin. But it was just fun to decorate it!



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