7 Ways to Enjoy the Spiciest Korean Noodle- 불닭볶음면

A few years ago, I learned from my Korean friends that Shin Ramyun (신 라면) was the spiciest Korean instant noodle. But these days, it seems like Buldak-bokkeum-myun (불닭볶음면) is the new king of Korean spicy noodles. Since it is stir-fried noodles, you remove the soup you boil it in… which makes all the spicy sauce stick to the noodles. It’s painfully spicy… but somehow still delicious.


Here is a video of people from London eating them… just to get an idea of how spicy it is.

You should try eating it by itself at least once, but here are seven ways to enjoy the spicy noodles with more flavor and less pain on your tongue.

1. Add cheese– Mix it into the noodles well!


2. Add an egg– Cooked or uncooked. Whatever you prefer.


3. Add Japaghetti– It’s like you have spicy Japaghetti!


4. Add Tuna and Mayo– 1/2~1 can of tuna and some mayo. So delicious~~ ❤


5. Add cheese and a rice ball– go to a convenience store and grab a cup of 불닭볶음면, some string cheese, and a rice ball. In some convenience stores, there’s a rice ball designated for these noodles.


6. Add rice cakes (떡)– It’s like the same as 라볶이(ramen+ddeokboggi), which is sold in most Korean fast food places.

dkkk 7. Add it on top of a rice bowl– Donburi style! So much carbs…


If you don’t have access to any of these ingredients right now… let’s just hope you have milk to help you mediate the incredible spice.

Please leave a comment if you know any other ways to enjoy 불닭볶음면!


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