What’s popular in Seoul for Winter 2014?

It’s still mid-November but winter has already hit Seoul. Tis the season when your ears hurt without earmuffs! As I was walking around freezing Seoul, I noticed some new trends popping up. Here are some things that my friends and I picked out.



Cheese Pork Rib (치즈등갈비)
There is a chain store that is opening many locations in Seoul.
Cheese with anything is just so popular these days!


Squid Fondue (쭈꾸미 퐁듀)
There are several chain stores for this dish as well.


Fried squid from Ozzang Express in Hongdae (오짱)
There are long lines to get these squid fritters.
The flavors come in sweet onion, spicy, or plain.
Each squid is 6,000 ~ 7,000 KRW.


Popcorn Ice Cream in Hongdae
This may not be as popular during the winter because this location doesn’t have many indoor seating, I noticed that there was a long line to this place.


Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich
Although I have mentioned this in summer trends, I think this is still popular. Choose your favorite macaroon and ice cream combination! I know there’s one in Hyehwa, and one in Myeongdong, and I’m sure there’s more elsewhere.

IMG_2712 IMG_5807

Honey Butter Potato Chips (허니버터칩)

I haven’t had a chance to have this yet because it’s so popular that it’s sold out everywhere and is all over the news right now.
The reason why this is so great is still a mystery.



Baby Pink Knit Sweater
Baby pink seems to be a popular color for warm long sleeve shirts. These go well with gray.


Oversized coats that go to your knees
I love how these coats aren’t as bulky as down jackets,
and also keeps my thighs warm. Since it’s oversized, I can probably wear a thin down jacket inside.


Floppy Hats
This is usually for really fashionable people,
but I see it every once in a while.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 1.19.45 PM

Round thin metallic rimmed glasses
This one is hard to pull-off, but when you do, it looks great.


Selca-stick (셀카봉)
There are so many stores on the street that sells these now.



Rubber duck
Although this ended last weekend, it was extremely popular. Many people went to see the exhibition, and made collages that added speech bubbles to the duck.


Lotte World Mall
This mall, which is next to the amusement park Lotte World, opened recently. I’ve heard that it has both the affordable clothes, the expensive high-quality clothes, and best restaurants all in one building. You can do all your shopping here.

Dongdaemun Design Park (DDP)
This one also opened recently,
and it has exhibitions happening every week. A few months ago, they were displaying scenes from the drama “My Love from Another Star.” During this weekend they had the Pikachu Parade (which happened only once on Saturday because they couldn’t handle the crowd), and right now they still have the LED Flower Garden (which is sometimes not lit 😦 ).

IMG_5768 IMG_5781

Abnormal Summit (비정상회담)
This popular TV shows has foreigners fluent in Korean debate about topics such as “cohabitation before marriage,” “when children should become independent from their parents,” and “importance of marriage.” It is a great way for me to learn Korean. The cast is so popular right now…! I see them advertising for many different things around the city.



Begin Again
This movie was released during the summer, but its songs are still in the TOP 100 Chart and gets played in stores throughout Seoul.


What was popular in Seoul during the summer? What will become popular in the next few months?


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