8 Delicious Korean Dishes with Cheese

I have a confession to make… I’m addicted to cheese…

chhhhhh chssss chsss

I buy a 1 kg block of cheese from Costco even though I live by myself. And whenever I go to restaurants, I always add a cheese topping or choose a menu with cheese. Although most of what Koreans call cheese is only white mozzarella cheese or orange American cheese, I still love it.

If you don’t mind those cheeses, Seoul is actually a cheese-lover-friendly city! There are so many different kinds of Korean dishes that are combined well with cheese. These are the eight that I know of.


1. 닭갈비 치즈추가- Dalkgalbi (Chicken Galbi)with Cheese

Chicken galbi is one of my most favorite Korean food, and it is spicy chicken stir-fried with cabbage, rice cakes, and sweet potatoes. I always add cheese as an extra topping.

IMG_5422 IMG_5423

2. 치즈김밥- Cheese Kimpab

Cheese kimpab is always available on the menu of a Kimpab Store.


3. 치즈 떡볶이- Cheese Ddeokboggi

Ddeokboggi would also include cheese as an extra topping option.


Here’s one from Hyehwa,


one from Shinchon,IMG_4624

and one from Noryangjin.

4. 치즈 돈까스- Cheese Donkkasu

Tonkatsu is deep-fried pork cutlet that is also in Japan, but the Korean Donkkasu is a little bit thinner.


5. 치즈 비빔밥- Cheese Bibimbap

This one is rare in more traditional restaurants, but I have seen it and eaten it before 🙂 It was my favorite bibimbap menu in my hometown in SoCal!


6. 족발 치즈세트- Jokbal (pig feet) with cheese or pizza

While there are many people who don’t like the texture of jokbal, I’ve had it twice and love it! Collagen~~ ❤ On the first time, I had it with a pizza set, and on the second time, I had it with a cheese fondue set. It helps you handle the spiciness better.

IMG_3649 IMG_3650

 There’s one in Shinchon and the another in Gangnam.

7. 치즈등갈비- Cheese Dung Galbi (Pork Rib)


This one is from Shinchon.

8. 쭈꾸미 치즈퐁듀- Grilled Octopus with Cheese Fondue

Jjukkumi is a type of octopus. This one is a spicy stir-fried dish, but it’s the same octopus as the one that is eaten live at the Korean fish market.

IMG_3949 IMG_3950

The location I went to (쭈꾸미달인/Jjukkumi Master) is a chain store that is in Hongdae, Itaewon, Suyu, and Nowon, but there are other chains opening up as well. Maybe it’s an upcoming trend.

Here’s an extra for a cheese-lover even though this is not Korean food! This is from Brooklyn- The Burger Joint in
Seorae Village (Little France in Seoul). They have one of the most delicious burgers in Seoul. It’s a popular but tiny place, so there’s always a line.

Phone: 02-533-7180

Address: Seoul Seocho-gu Banpo-dong 551-32
(서울 서초구 반포동 551-32)


Let me know if you need help finding a place to eat any of these Korean cheese delicacies!!

You know what else would be a good idea?
Cheese Kimchi Jeon (pancakes)… Have you seen them anywhere?


7 thoughts on “8 Delicious Korean Dishes with Cheese”

    1. Wow cheese fondue tonkassu! Sounds like a great restaurant for a cheese lover. I would love to try it as well.

      This restaurant is located in the NewCore Outlet in Gangnam (뉴코아아울렛강남점). It’s a 8 min walk from either Banpo Station exit 4 or Express Bus Terminal Station exit 8-2.

      서울특별시 서초구 잠원동 70
      This link will lead to a map.


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