*CLOSED* Studio Ghibli Art Exhibition in Yongsan, Seoul

In Yongsan, Seoul, you can see a gallery that allows you to bask in the world of Ghibli movies. As a Ghibli fan, I couldn’t allow myself to miss out on this.

When I finally went there, I lost track of time. I thought it would be just any other art, but its subtle movements, 3-D depth, music, and light effects made the world of Ghibli come to life. It was difficult to resist the temptation to buy every cute thing at the souvenir store.

*Whenever I share things on this blog, I try to post as many big pictures as possible, but if you are going to this exhibition, it may be better to not see it all. Please scroll down only if you cannot come to Seoul to see this in person or you’re fine with seeing some pictures!


Date: Until March 1, 2015

Hours: 11 am to 8 pm (last admission at 7pm)

Location: 6F of the I’Park Mall which is connected to Line1 Yongsan Station. *This mall is like a maze. But every building of this mall is connected to each other, so if you go to the 6F, you will eventually find the entrance to this exhibit. It is located next to the bookstore.

Cost: 15,000 KRW per person (12,000 for children)


  • There are discount tickets available online. Buy them beforehand if you can.
  • If it’s busy that day, you will get a waiting number.
  • If you have a wet umbrella, they may ask you to dry it with a paper towel first.
  • No flash photography allowed. But otherwise photos and videos are allowed.
  • You may get a round white sticker which you can doodle on and paste on the wall later.
    IMG_5007 IMG_5021*I drew one of my favorite Ghibli characters. Anyone recognize this?

Official Website: http://2014ghibliexhibition.com/

The six movies presented at the Studio Ghibli Exhibition

Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Pom Poko,
My Neighbor Totoro, Porco Rosso, and Spirited Away.

 IMG_5030 IMG_5032 IMG_5034 IMG_5036 IMG_5038 IMG_5041

My favorites 


Howl’s **MOVING** Castle


Close one eye and you’ll see a wider landscape.


Peek through some holes in the wall
to see Totoro breathing.


Floating leaves in a box.


Japanese and Korean collaboration~~


There are also many of these cute boards around the mall.

Don’t miss out! Go before this exhibition ends. But if you end up missing it, there’s always the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. I’ll probably go there again when I have the chance. *Photo Credit to my friend T.



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