Solbin Superdog- a Midnight Snack in Apgujeong, Seoul

When you think clubbing in Seoul, you would normally think of Hongdae, Gangnam, and Itaewon. But my friends and I also recommend Monkey Beach in Apgujeong. They’re known for their 1L bucket cocktails (10,000 KRW) and the population is 90% Korean 10% foreigners. It’s the only place for clubbing in the neighborhood, so you are less likely to lose your friends during the long night. They will either be inside dancing or outside taking a break.


In one of those outdoor breaks, take a 3 minute walk to Solbin Superdog for a midnight snack. You’ll be greeted by the owner with his cute smile. Some of my friends call him handsome, but go there and see for yourself! Although he cannot speak English well, he is quite foreigner-friendly. He told us that celebrities like G-dragon and T.O.P has visited his store before.


Caution: Addictive!


He recommended eating everything with chopsticks or spoons because they fall apart fairly easily. First time eating a taco with chopsticks!!! If you want extra cilantro, just ask ^^



Rice Bowls

Galbi, Chicken, or Bacon 10,000 KRW

Super Solbin Rice Bowl 13,000 KRW

extra guacamole or bacon 2,000 KRW



Super Solbindog (with eggs and potatoes) 10,000 KRW

Galbi or Chicken 8,000 KRW

Original Bacon 5,000 KRW

extra chili, cheese, or sour cream 1,000 KRW



Galbi 6,000 KRW

Chicken 5,000 KRW

Super Solbin (galbi, egg, bacon) 8,000 KRW

Soft drinks also available.


Monday to Saturday (closed Sundays)

6:30 PM to 5:00 AM




Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 663-23
Seoul, Korea

How to get there:

1. Go to the Bundang Line Apgujeong Rodeo Station exit 6.
2. Make a left at the Seven-Eleven.
3. Make a right at the first corner. At that corner you should see Monkey Beach 2 (bar and some pool tables) on the second floor.
4. Walk straight and make a left at the next corner.  Monkey Beach (drinking, clubbing, dance competitions) will be at that corner.
5. When you have the Monkey Beach entrance on your left, continue walking straight. Continue going straight at the next small intersection. You should see Solbin Superdog on your left. It’s like the only place that is running business in the late hours.


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