Sokcho Beach: Last-minute Getaway Trip from Seoul

Feel like getting away from the busy city life in Seoul to relax at the beach?  Go on a weekend trip to Sokcho (속초)! There is no need to make any reservations. Just go~!


How to get to Sokcho Beach

Step 1: Go to the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.
Step 2: Go to the ticket booth and ask for a ticket to Sokcho Express Bus Terminal (Sokcho Gosok Bus Terminal, 속초고속버스터미널). Be careful here because there is another bus terminal called Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal, which is a 10 minute taxi ride away from the other one.
Step 3: Check the bus boarding time and location. Make sure to be there 5 minutes before the departure time.
Step 4: After you arrive at the Sokcho Express Bus Terminal, exit the building, turn left and walk straight for 5 minutes.

Bus ride: ~18,000 KRW X 2 rides

Things to do

1. Eat some delicious seafood!



2. Sit at the beach at night to see some free fireworks and listen to live music.

IMG_2873 IMG_2884 IMG_2890

3. See the sunrise from the east coast of Korea.

IMG_2898 IMG_2899 IMG_2936 IMG_2950

4. Relax under the parasol and play in the water.


Buy chicken from one of the sellers walking around the parasols.
*not the best quality… I recommend buying it before you get to the beach. I saw a lot of people at the bus terminal taking chicken from 만석닭강정 as a souvenir, so I recommend that!

IMG_2967 IMG_2968

5. Pose with the statues.

IMG_2994 IMG_2997 IMG_2998

6. Although I didn’t do this, you can also rent a water tube, banana boat, and motor boat.


When you look for a place to eat near Sokcho Beach, don’t expect to find anything that is not Korean. This place has a very local feel, and doesn’t have any chain cafes and restaurants visible from the beach. The closest thing you’ll get would be Lotteria and Angel in us Coffee next to the bus terminal.

What you’ll find there would be seafood. Remember that seafood dishes tend to be expensive! My friends and I wanted to eat some crab, but most of them were out of our budget.

Seafood dishes: 15,000 KRW ~ 70,000 KRW

Beach Facilities

  • Bathroom/Restroom: free, but may run out of toilet paper
  • Changing room (tent): free
  • Locker: 2,000~4,000 KRW
  • Shower: 2,000 KRW
  • Parasol: 15,000 KRW


There are many motels behind the bus terminal and on the street that leads to the beach. When you walk towards the beach, many people will ask you if you’re looking for a motel, so you could be adventurous and take their offer. It probably can’t be that bad.

I recommend Oasis Motel, which is behind the bus terminal, because the owner is very friendly. If you speak slowly and clearly, I think he can understand English.

Oasis Motel
Address: Gangwon-do Sokcho-shi Joyang-dong 1419-4
*When you exit the bus terminal, make a right. When you see a GS25, make a right at that corner, and walk into the small parking lot. You’ll see the rear entrance of the motel.
Phone: 033-638-4822

Price per room: 50,000 KRW~ 100,000 KRW

If you plan this Sokcho trip thoroughly and spend more time there, there are many more activities that you can do. Seoraksan hiking and Cheongchoho Lake biking are some things that I would consider on my next trip.


2 thoughts on “Sokcho Beach: Last-minute Getaway Trip from Seoul”

  1. Hi, I would like to go Sokcho from Seoul. Can I buy the ticket in advanced at Gangnam Express Bus Terminal or buy on the day of travel?


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