Authentic Japanese Ramen in Hongdae, Seoul- Menya Sandaime Tokyo Tonkotsu

Do you love the Korean Shin Ramyun, but sometimes miss the Japanese style ramen? If you go to Hongdae, Seoul, you can find some authentic Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen. Japanese American approved!


How to get there:

1. Start at Hongdae station exit 9. Go straight from the exit and make a left at the first big intersection.

2. Cross the street from Angel-in-US Coffee towards Mister Donuts. When you face Mister Donuts make a left and walk straight.

3. Make a right on the street between Tony Moly and Holika Holika.

4. When you walk through the narrow street and see a small parking area, go through the path on the right side of the parking lot.

5. You will see this on the right side of the street.




Main Menu

Ramen- 7,000 KRW

Spicy Ramen- 7,500 KRW


Black Ramen- 7,500 KRW

Dipping Noodles- 8,000 KRW (recommended)


*The noodles and soup are served in separate bowls, and you have to dip the noodles into the sauce to eat it.

Fried noodles with a sauce- 9,000 KRW

Cold spicy noodles with Ground Meat- 9,000 KRW

Gyoza dumplings- 3,000 KRW


Mini Pork Bowl- 3,000 KRW

Extra noodles- 1,000 KRW

Extra Toppings

Chashew Pork Slices- 2,000 KRW

Boiled Egg- 1,000 KRW

Green Onion- 1,000 KRW

Beansprouts- 1,000 KRW

Greens- 1,000 KRW


Asahi Draft Beer- 8,000 KRW

Cold Japanese Sake (Otokoyama)- 8,000 KRW

Hot Japanese Sake (Fubuki)- 10,000 KRW

Ramune Soda- 3,000 KRW

new_IMG_2706This sweet and refreshing drink has a strong fizz. It is commonly seen at summer festivals in Japan. I don’t understand why there is a glass ball in the middle, because it always gets in the way of drinking the last sip.

This store is a chain, and if you go to the one inย Hyehwa, you can find Sapporo Style Miso Ramen, which has a slightly different menu from the Hongdae location. This one is very close toย The Bob.

How to get to the Hyehwa Location:ย Get off of Line 4 Hyehwa Station. Walk out of exit 4, but make a right u-turn and walk straight. Make a right when you see Coffee Gurunaru. Go straight, and when you see the road splitting into three ways, go on the street in the middle. You can see it on your left after a few steps slightly uphill.

How to get to the Itaewon Location: Simple. Get off of Line 6 Itaewon Station. Walk out of exit 3 and go straight. It’ll be on your right.


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