What’s popular in Seoul for Summer 2014?

Korea, especially Seoul, is a place where many people like to follow trends. Once someone starts wearing one thing, everyone else will start wearing it too. Recently I noticed that many girls were wearing white buckled sandals, and there were a wide variety of them available at shoe stores.

So I asked my friends:
What do you think is popular in Seoul this summer?


설빙– Bingsu (Korean shaved ice) is always a trend during the summer, but this specific chain is opening many stores in the past few weeks and all of them are always packed with customers. Their specialty is milk shaved ice topped with soy bean powder.

IMG_1373Bingsu with expensive fruit– Melon bingsu and mango bingsu are starting to appear on menus of many bingsu cafes. Some of them can cost around $10 or more, but customers are still willing to pay for it.

Macaroon Ice Cream– Macaroon ice cream sandwiches and ice cream sundaes topped with macaroons are gaining popularity. You can find one near Hyehwa station exit 4.

Honey Comb Ice Cream– This one has been around since last year, but it seems like it’s still popular. While enjoying your ice cream you can also chew on some honey comb.
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream– The one in Busan seems to be more creative and has workers wear lab coats and serve ice cream with syringes for decoration. They are known to have a unique mixture of flavors like carrot cake, lemon ginger, and makgeolli.
Outdoor Camping Style BBQ– I reviewed one restaurant from Hapjeong, but I went to another one in Suyu. Seems like Koreans have mixed feelings about this place. Some say that it’s sad to pretend that they’re camping, and others simply enjoy the camping atmosphere that can be easily accessed in the city.

IMG_1375  “Small Beer”– A bar that is sometimes smaller than a cafe. Koreans call these bars “Small Beer” bars. They provide a wide variety of beer and the cheapest one is offered at around $3. Many chains are opening new stores these days and they all seem to have French fries with a lot of seasoning, plastic gloves for eating with hands, and unique mascot characters. One of the biggest chains is Bonggu Beer (봉구비어).


White sandals– This trend started with the brand Birkenstock, but now there are more with a variety in heel height, number of buckles, and material. It goes well with almost any summer fashion. I am tempted to buy one these days.

IMG_1352Red brown hair color– Brighter colors are popular during the summer. I’ve been noticing red brown hair on the subways for the past few months.

Bob cut– Short hair that is slightly above the shoulders seems to be popular. Some girls ask the stylist to make their hair like the popular female singer, IU.

ibbuSlacks– If you want to be different from the girly girls with short skirts, this is the way to go. Look chic with a nice pair of sunglasses. Some girls can pull of slacks with unique patterns.
Snapbacks– I call them caps but apparently they’re called snapbacks. These have unique patterns and sometimes have words in big white alphabet letters. Friends and couples buy matching ones.

인쇄The Twin Look– Matching clothes between couples is a big trend in Seoul, but some female best friends are also starting to enjoy that trend. They don’t have to be exactly the same clothes.

 Sea Shell Accessories– Sea shell bracelets, sea shell earrings, sea shell rings!

IMG_3128 IMG_3129

Red Lipstick– I think this is another good trend if you want to look cool rather than cute. Goes well with monotone clothes.
Coral Color Tint– This bright color, which is like a mixture of orange and pink, is said to look good on Asian skin tones.
Suzy Cream– This moisturizing cream from The Face Shop, one of the many cosmetics store in Korea, is being advertised by the popular celebrity, Suzy. She is known for having beautiful skin.


Friends in Seoul— what are some Summer 2014 Trends that you have noticed?


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