Good and Bad Moments of Life in Seoul

I’m enjoying life in Seoul, and that is why I am staying here for another year. But there are those random  moments when I miss the convenience that I have back home. And when I was making that list, I also realized that I also have things that I would miss from Seoul if I went back home.


When do I miss home? (In my case SoCal)

  1.      When strangers stand too close to me on subways.pss
    There’s all that space in the other corners… why are you next to me? I miss the personal space that I have when I drive a car.

  2.      When I have to buy heavy thingsshppg
    What do I do on days when I need a laundry detergent, a new pillow, and some groceries? Or when I see a lot of things that I want to buy from Costco? Not happening… I need to make multiple trips for that. I miss shopping with a car.

  3.      When I have to travel 30-60 minutes for good Mexican foodfrrr TOO FAR.

  4.      When I see a small scoop of guacamole on my plate.
    I NEED MORE. I want a whole avocado for myself. There are some in Korea, but it just feels so expensive…

  5.      When I bite into a cold chocolate chip cookie.
    I want my room to smell like cookies. BIG OVEN PLEASE. I could use my toaster oven but it’s not the same…

  6.      When I see the price of fruit and cheese.onniWasn’t it cheaper back home??

  7.      When I step outside and get instant sweat.swwwwIt’s not this humid back home.

  8.      When it’s still noisy outside past midnight.slpppIt was dark and quiet past 9 pm in my neighborhood.

When do I appreciate Seoul?

  1.      When packages arrive within 48 hours.fstrn
    When I do some online shopping and order at night, it sometimes comes the next day. How is that possible?!

  2.      When I get fried chicken delivered in 15 minutes.IMG_1316

  3.      When a bus comes every other minute.tyyyThanks to that, I can get to work in 15 minutes.

  4.      When cheap cosmetic stores are available at every station.mkuppI wish make up was this easy.

  5.      When it’s normal to sit at a café for hours.
    pppcfBut let’s not stay there for too long.

  6.      When I can buy a fresh roll of kimpab for under $2 and within 5 minutes.Kimpab My favorite is cheese kimpab and tuna kimpab!

  7.      When I can find places to go to 24/7shpJimjilbang, Noraebang (karaoke), DVD-bang, PC bang, 24 HR Cafe… maybe there’s more?

  8.      When I drink delicious makgeolli

DSCN9059 IMG_3121

What are some things that you miss from home?


2 thoughts on “Good and Bad Moments of Life in Seoul”

  1. I miss hearing conversation I can actually follow with no effort.

    And always knowing the social conventions for almost every situation… I’m sure I’ll get to grips with it here eventually, but right now it’s confusing!


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