Top 6 Thrill Rides from Lotte World

  • *September 2016 update: Lotte World now uses a “Magic Pass” app that you have to install on your phone.
  • After you get your entrance ticket, you can scan the ticket into the app. One person in your party can scan all of your tickets.
  • By using this, you can reserve a spot for the popular rides. For some rides, this app is the only way to get on, and for others, it’s a faster way to get to the front of the line. For the pirate ship, this is the only way you can get the best seats on the ship.
  • For every 15 minutes, the reservation system is updated, but the reservation is a battle by the seconds. If you click a few seconds late, your space could be gone.
  • If you are late to the reserved time by a few minutes, the workers can usually let you in.

If you like thrill rides, but can’t handle something as extreme as Six Flags, then this amusement park is for you! Here are the rides that you must get on when you go to Lotte World in Seoul.


*I do not like drops or pirate ships so this list is a bit biased 😉
** o = outdoor area, i = indoor area of Lotte World
*** Please visit the official website for better pictures.


6. Gyro Spin (o)★☆☆☆☆
-This is like a pirate ship, but your seat is like a secure motorcycle seat. You will never have the fear of falling on this one. The seats are facing outward on a circle, and the circle spins while going back and forth like a pirate ship ride.

5. The Comet Express (o)★★☆☆☆

-The good thing about this ride is that most of your wait is the cool indoors. If you’ve been to Disneyland this is easy to explain, because this is like the Haunted Mansion Ride but faster. The seats are spherical carts for pairs and they twirl, so you can sometimes see your neighbor’s face during the ride.

IMG_1255 IMG_2899

4. Flume Ride (i)★★★☆☆

– This is a boat ride for four people. It may look like a simple flat ride, but it has two drops. The anticipation of the drop may be bad, the the actual drop is quite brief. For some reason, the explanation says it lasts 4 minutes 38 seconds in Korean, and 4 minutes 30 second in English.


3. Atlantis (o)★★★★☆

– This is a classic outdoor roller coaster. Many of my friends say this is their favorite ride at Lotte World. There are two drops, but it’s not that high. Nice, quick, short, and fun.

IMG_1244 IMG_1245

2. French Revolution (i)★★★★☆
– This is another classic roller coaster, but it’s indoors. Unlike the Atlantis, you have to wear a harness that goes over your shoulders because there is one loop. Your ears may hurt because your head slams back and forth between the harness. I question myself about why I chose to go on this ride during the long steep climb up, but it’s fun in the end.


1. Gyro Swing (o)★★★★★

-This is my favorite ride for its great view, but some of my friends were scared of this. You will be seated in a circle with legs dangling in the air. The seats are secured with a harness, and there is a clear glass/plastic shield in front of each seat. I’m not sure if this is to prevent strong winds or… to prevent something messy. This is similar to the Gyro Spin, but goes higher and faster. I love feeling the wind hitting my face and I start laughing from excitement when we’re swinging down from the highest point.

IMG_1242 IMG_1243


The one on the right is part of the Atlantis.

Dragon Wild Shooting (i)

-This is not a thrill ride but is also one of my favorites! While you are seated in a moving cart, you get to shoot targets for points. Similar to the Toy Story ride in Tokyo Disney Sea. This is how I would express my feeling of accomplishment and happiness after getting a high score on the ride.



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  1. Thanks for your great post!
    I want to say that I love the thrill rides on your post!
    The Lotte World is really interesting and attractive!
    I would like to go there to have great fun with my families! 🙂

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