Random Gifts from Elementary School Students

As a teacher in a Korean elementary school, I receive random gifts on a daily basis. They’re usually from the silly and affectionate fourth graders in my school.


Milk is distributed to students for free. But some students who don’t like milk or can’t drink milk give it to the teachers.



Students in Korea make bracelets and give it to their favorite friend, family member, or teacher. Sometimes they’ll just give me part of a bracelet.


A teacher portrait 

If students finish taking a test early, ask them to draw a teacher portrait on the back of their test paper. You’ll be surprised to see which one of your facial features stand out to them.

IMG_1166 IMG_1167


If they’re young students, it could be random gibberish. Some students are good enough to be able to write sentences in English. They almost always write “I love you.”


Origami Crafts

One of my students gave me a new one every week at the beginning of the semester.



If I see them eating candy, and I say “give me one,” they usually share.


Idol Poster

I’ve only received one poster so far, but it was a poster of an idol that I don’t really know about…


What are some other random gifts that you’ve received from your students?


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