5 Useful Korean Karaoke Buttons

If you’ve been to a Korean karaoke, you know you’re good to go as long as you know how to use Cancel (최소), Start(시작), and Reserve(예약). But did you know about these 5 buttons? They may help you save some time in your karaoke session.

  1. 예약확인 Check the song reservation list

    Want to see which songs are coming up next? After you click this button, you can navigate with the up and down arrows and exit with the 최소 button.

  2. 간주점프 Skip the interludeRunning low on time? Or don’t want to wait for the interlude? Use this button to immediately get onto the singing part!


  3. 예약최소 Cancel your reservationDon’t feel like singing that song you reserved? If you simply push this button, it will cancel the last song you entered. If you want to cancel a previous song, first go to the reservation list, and then click 최소 when the song is highlighted on the list.
  4. 점수없이 Sing without evaluation pointsTired of having to sit through 5 seconds of random scores after each song? Just push this button to say goodbye to those moments.
  5. 박수 ApplauseWant to praise your friends or yourself for some excellent singing? Let the computer do the job.



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