8 Things to See and Do in Central Busan

Many tourist locations in Busan are located close together in the center of the city, so it is possible to enjoy them in one day.

All of the ones that I list here can be easily accessed from Toseong, Jagalchi, Nampo, and Seomyeon Station on Line 1 of the subway. The first three stations are right next to each other.

1. Gamcheon Culture Village- 10am~11am


Go to Toseong Station on Line 1 of the subway. Tourist sites tell you that you can take a local bus from there, but I recommend taking the taxi to there and back to save some time.

Taxi rides are usually under 5,000 KRW for a 15 minute ride.

Enjoy the colorful walls and artwork in the neighborhood. Although it’s a popular tourist location, it is a residential area, so try not to disturb the locals.



The fish arrows will guide you through the village.  IMG_0461

IMG_0459   The village is quite steep! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.


2. Jagalchi Fish Market 11:30~12:00

From the Gamcheon Culture Village, ask the taxi driver to take you to the Jagalchi Fish Market.

Walk through the market, and get some snacks. Or enjoy a bucket-full of seafood lunch/dinner if you’re hungry!


3. Explore the BIFF Square food stands for lunch. 12:30~1:00

Face your back to the ocean and cross the street from the Jagalchi Fish Market to get to the other side of the Jagalchi Station.

Eat some fried dumplings and 씨앗호떡 at the BIFF/PIFF Square.

IMG_2269 IMG_2278 IMG_2279

4. Walk to the area behind BIFF to enjoy some shopping 1:00~3:00

If you walk past the food stands at the BIFF Square, you’ll run into a street full of places to shop at. All the popular Korean and foreign chains are there, and there are plenty of cafes to take a break at.

5. Climb up the escalators to Yongdusan Park 3:00~3:30

Between those stores on the shopping street, you’ll find the entrance to Yongdusan Park. The escalators will take you up to the park, which has a garden, temple, small historical museum, souvenir shop, and Busan tower.


Be prepared for a long walk down the staircase after your visit. Escalators are available only in one direction.

6. Go up the Busan Tower to get a nice view for 4000 KRW. 3:30~4:30


Take a break with some tea at the lounge for a reasonable price.



7. Go shopping at the underground alley between Jagalchi Station and Nampo Station. 5~5:30

Go back down the stairs from Yongdusan Park, walk past the shopping street, and through the BIFF Square again to go back to Jagalchi Station.

When you walk towards Nampo station from Jagalchi Station, there is an underground shopping area. Seems like the closer you get to Nampo, the customer target age group becomes younger.

I bought a summer dress here for 5000 KRW (~5 USD).

8. Explore the Seomyeon station area

Take the subway from Nampo station to Seomyeon Station (20 minutes).

Enjoy more underground shopping areas, more good food, and a night life. There are many restaurants outside exit 6 on “Young Street”. Don’t forget your ID if you’re one of those people who look too young for their age!


So these were some things that you could do in central Busan, which is easily accessible by public transportation. Other popular places in Busan, such as the Yonggung Temple and Taejeongdae Park, are not as easy to access by subway.


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