Three Addictive ESL Songs

Singing songs is one of my favorite activities in the ESL classroom with a younger audience. Students love it when I make a fool out of myself and dance to it.

At my school, fourth graders love songs, fifth graders are okay with it, and sixth graders would rather not sing. But there was this one miraculously addictive song that even the sixth graders sang to! So as long as the song is educational and has a catchy melody and lyrics, it would be helpful and fun in the classroom. You know that it’s effective when they start humming it during their final exams.

This is the miraculously addictive song that even the shy six graders sang.

The Month Song by Susan Salidor

When I first saw this video, I saw  a lady sitting in her chair at home, so I didn’t understand why my co-teacher was really excited about it. But once I heard it, the melody never left my head. My co-teacher also used this in previous years, and students remembered it months later, and even taught their younger siblings. We prepared a finger DDR game, which allowed students to sing along, while focusing on accurately pointing out the month names on their card. After this class some students asked me for the youtube link, so they could listen to it at home.

This song will be used next week for the fifth graders.

What’s your favorite subject? by Genki English

*the original video (with just the animation) is not on youtube, but if you search in other places you may find it. Or purchase it from Genki English!

For this one, the main part is really catchy. Although it is difficult to memorize the lyrics because the subjects are not in any particular order, its melody is better for dancing compared to the Month Song. There are several response videos on youtube with Korean students dancing to it in class.

I haven’t used this in class yet, but I think it could be introduced just for fun.

I am a pizza by English Corner Time

The language is simple, the animation is cute, and the story is interesting. Students would probably gasp towards the end of this video because of the sad fate of the pizza.

Do you know any other addictive ESL songs?

If so, please let me know!!


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