5 K-pop songs for a Noraebang session

When my friends and I have birthday parties in Seoul, we usually go to a Nohraebang. It’s affordable, entertaining, and we can bond through our favorite k-pop songs and nostalgic English songs together. Those two genres are what English teachers in Korea seem to have in common. But some songs are good to listen to, and not the best to sing to. Whenever you’re not sure about which K-pop to sing at a Nohraebang, consider one of these songs!

  1. Fantastic Baby- Big Bang (빅뱅): Because everyone knows this song ^^ and it’s exciting to dance to.


  2. Blue (불루)- Big Bang (빅뱅): My friend told me that it’s great to study the lyrics of this song to learn some Korean, and it was! Now I know how to say “I was born in California,” in Korean. This is probably good when you’re tired from the intense songs, but still want to be in an upbeat mood.


  3. fire- 2NE1: A song that will make you feel pumped up and chant “eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh 2-N-E-1” together as a group. Even if you don’t know the song, it’ll catch on quickly. A lot of 2NE1 songs are fun to sing.


  4. Hey (있잖아)- IU: This may not be one for all, but it’s one of my favorites. It’s a cute rock song by IU, Korea’s younger sister. It’s sometimes nice to release some 애교 charm and pretend to be an idol.

    ui uiii

  5. 미치게 만들기 (Driving me crazy)- Hyolyn (효린): This is for those who watched the Korean drama, Master’s Sun (주군의 태양). The best part of it is to be overly dramatic and remember the sad and romantic scenes from the drama. I love singing other drama OSTs as well.


Bonus: I loved singing Bolero with my friends who were DBSK/THSK fans. We just rotated the mic to sing all the overlapping parts because we all knew it well.  I miss the five of them being together!


What are some of your favorite Nohraebang/Karaoke songs?


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