8 Struggles of Switching from an iPhone 4S to a Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Last weekend, I dropped my phone in a crowd. It got stepped on, cracked, and my touch screen stopped functioning. So for the past five days, I borrowed my friend’s cracked-but-still-functioning phone to search for a used phone that was “factory unlocked,” free from contracts, not too old or new, and under 400,000 KRW. I wanted to wait for an iPhone for its compact size, but I was able to find a Galaxy Note 2 for a much cheaper price, and I couldn’t wait any longer without a full-functioning phone, so I decided to take the risk of switching from Apple to Samsung.

This new toy is exciting to have, but the first few days will be very frustrating because I still have a lot of iPhone habits that I can’t get out of.


  1. Size: I can’t control the screen single-handedly anymore… I sometimes place it on the table and use two hands to type stuff. If I try to do stuff with one hand, I press the wrong buttons.


  2. Power button: My fingers automatically try to touch the top to turn the power on, but it’s on the side.


  3. Keyboard: I just want to switch from symbols to alphabets, but I change the languages… and I don’t know where all my symbols are anymore.


  4. Soft-Key: I didn’t know that these buttons on either sides of the home button were called the “soft-key” until I got the note 2. I still don’t understand how the menu button works.


  5. Motions: I don’t know the magical tricks needed to control the phone more efficiently. I should watch a youtube tutorial for that. q
  6. Apps: There are a lot of apps installed already, and it feels like I won’t use a majority of them.


  7. Vibrate: I immediately went to the settings so it wouldn’t vibrate to everything that I do.


  8. Contacts: When I added my g-mail, it automatically added those contacts. Since I didn’t want them on my phone, I had to google how to remove them from my view.


    extraLine/Kakao: This is not related to switching from an iPhone to a Galaxy. Kakao had no problem because I had that registered with my current phone number, but Line was registered with my old phone number. Since both apps require the phone number verification, I couldn’t transfer my old LINE account to my new phone.

My iPhone habits get in the way of learning how to use my new phone… but there are some good things as well!

Things that I am excited about so far:

  1. It doesn’t vibrate when it’s faced down!
  2. I can draw with the S-Pen.

    hppand I’m sure that I’ll learn to like the Galaxy Note 2 more as I get used to it!

What are  the things that you notice when you compare Apple and Samsung phones?

After note (5/26/2014): A week later, I returned my Samsung Galaxy Note 2… mainly because my USIM did not fully function with the used phone which was from a different phone carrier. But I also missed having my iTunes on my phone, I missed the colors and focusing abilities of the camera on my iPhone, I missed the compact size, and I missed having a phone that doesn’t suddenly shut off on its own. Maybe I was just unlucky with the androids that I had, but they had hardware problems.

Oh, but I did like the keyboard on the Samsung. I liked their method of suggesting the words as I was spelling it. Seemed like their suggestions were more accurate than the apple keyboard.


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