Jazz Story: Hyehwa, Seoul

Hyehwa (혜화) is one of my favorite places to hang out in Seoul. The general area is also called 대학로(daehangno), which means “university street.” It is an area known for the cute restaurants, cafes, shops, galleries and theaters with local troupes.


There are many places that I want to recommend from Hyehwa, but first, I will start with Jazz Story.

My Korean friend found this through instagram, and when she researched more she found good reviews, so we decided to give it a go. We got there at around 7:50 after we ate dinner.

It is a five minute walk from Hyehwa station exit 2. You’ll be walking away from the bright and busy area, so you may get worried that you’re lost, but it’s there. On a quiet street.

From the outside, it looked like a run-down backyard patio or something, but when I got inside, I was amazed by its looks.








They have a wide variety of drinks such as beer, cocktails, coffee, tea, and wine. Seems like they serve full meals here as well. There is a cover fee of 5,000 KRW per person for the performance. We paid at the end.

Our drinks came with a side of plain peanuts. I ordered a gin tonic, but they made a mistake, and when we asked about it, they quickly replaced it.

IMG_3802 IMG_3803


The first show started at 8:00 pm. A male singer, female singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, and a pianist.


The male singer had a unique voice that sounded strange to me at first, but I eventually got attached to it. His looks and voice kind of reminded me of Yoochun from DBSK/JYJ. It seemed like he understood which songs go well with his voice.


For the second song and onward, a second male singer joined in. He was not as expressive as the first one but had a stronger voice. He was also very good with his harmonica.


The female singer was undoubtedly the best singer of the group. Her voice was beautiful, and her expressions and body movements made you think that she truly enjoyed this performance.


The rest of the performers were great as well. The guitar solo made me smile, the drummer seemed like the quiet & reliable guy, the bassist made the other performers laugh, and the pianist used both the keyboard and the grand piano to add more color to the performance.

Here are some of the songs that they sang. Too bad I can’t remember all of them. According to the website, they take requests as well.

“Can’t take my eyes off you”

“I can see clearly now”

Sting “Englishman in New York”

Ben E King “Stand By Me”

Roy Orbison “You got it”

Maroon 5 “This love”

Bee Gees “Words”

Maroon 5 “Sunday Morning”


The first performance ended at around 9, and the second performance started at around 9:30. There was a third performance too, but since I had work the next day, we had to leave… I would love to go back!

If you are in Seoul, and you like live music, this is definitely worth a visit. This is also one of the few places that has an official website and even an English version of it! Tourist friendly~ ^^



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