Seven Things to See and Eat in Singapore

One of my friends asked me, “Out of all the places you’ve traveled to so far, where do you like the most?”


There are many places that I like from California, Japan, and Korea because I’ve lived there and I know what is best.

But out of the places I’ve traveled to? Italy and France were both great and I would love to visit again because each city was like a museum. But the food I had there wasn’t the best. Maybe I missed out on the good restaurants in Europe.

So I answer that question with “Singapore.” Food is an important part of traveling for me. But of course it wasn’t just food. Singapore’s variety of food fit my taste, the multicultural atmosphere reminded me of home, and the urban yet nature-filled scene was soothing to my eyes.




I went to Singapore in September 2011 because my friend, who lived there when she was in elementary school, wanted to visit there again. We were there for only three days, so we just went to famous places that were listed in guidebooks and pigged out on all the delicious food.

Here are some places that may be worth checking out if you ever go to Singapore.

1) Marina Bay Sands

A hotel that looks like a ship landed on top of their buildings. When you pay the entrance fee to go up to the 56th floor, you can get a beautiful view of Singapore and also take a look at the pool, which looks like it’s on the edge when it actually isn’t. The lobby is also cool to look at too. Upper right picture: See the people walking across the hallway in the distance? So cool ^^



2) Singapore Flyer

This is the world’s second tallest Ferris wheel. If you want to, you could make a reservation to have a big dinner party inside the capsule.  Another great place to see the night view of Singapore.


3) Sentosa

An island in Singapore. You can access this island by getting on a tram.


There seemed to be many outdoor activities here, but I didn’t have time so I only saw the huge Merlion and went to the aquarium. The aquarium advertised its pink dolphin, but it was actually not pink, so I felt deceived. I still enjoyed the show, but Okinawa’s show is still the best that I’ve seen.


4) Night Safari

Go to the night safari to see some nocturnal animals!

I saw a wolf for the first time.

It was cool to see how the entertainers were used to interacting with an audience from many different countries.


5) Yumcha


I liked how this restaurant was clean and modern.

Try to go with many friends, so you can get a greater variety!

6) Chili Crab


Jumbo Seafood Restaurant is a chain in Singapore.

My friend and I ate the chili crab in silence because it was so delicious.

This was also the first time I saw the phrase “Please Queue.”

7) Eat more food


Food was undoubtedly the best part of this trip. I’m allergic to tropical fruits, so I couldn’t enjoy all of it, but my friend loved the desserts.  Singapore also had many hotels with afternoon tea.

Where do you choose when your friends ask you, “Out of all the places you’ve traveled to, where do you like the most?”

Leave me some comments, so I can get an idea of where I should travel to next!


3 thoughts on “Seven Things to See and Eat in Singapore”

  1. Singapore is one of my favorite places too. I actually like eating at the hawker centers and food courts because of the variety of food. I prefer the Indian fare, while my companions usually go for Chinese food, and it’s great that we can all get what we want, for a cheaper price too, at the food courts. I loved Italy and France too. Happy travels!


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