Proud and guilty moments at work

It’s my first year working full time, and I love it so far! I enjoy interacting with co-teachers and students, following a textbook while also having plenty of room for creativity, and having a good balance of sitting and standing. But unfortunately, I’m not always as busy as I want to be. Sometimes I’m like “Pleeeeease give me something to do!!”


That’s when the guilty fun time comes in. I get paid for doing what I could enjoy at home… But then again I need downtime too. This happens most often on Wednesday afternoons when I’m done with teaching and lesson planning.

I summarized those moments into Top 5 Rankings 😉

Proud moments at work

  1. When I master the flow of the lesson because I’ve taught it in multiple classes. Super efficient class! yeee!


  2. When my co-teachers and I lesson plan, and we each have an idea to contribute, our meeting time is minimized. We’re so efficient sometimes.


  3. When I make a simple, beautiful, organized, and eye-catching lesson material. I can’t stop admiring it. LOOOOOK


  4. Building a good relationship with co-teachers by talking about random stuff, munching on some snacks, and celebrating each other’s birthdays. That improves our teamwork during class.


  5. Attempting to have a conversation with students that I run into. I feel so proud of students who try to use what they’ve learned to tell me something.


Guilty desk warming

  1. Messaging friends on my phone. I do this a lot… I think I’m addicted to it. It feels weird if I’m not messaging anyone.


  2. Browsing the internet for Life-in-Korea-blogs, youtube videos, and places to travel to. My current favorite websites are “eat your kimchi,” “My Korean husband,” TED, and randomly, Connor Franta on youtube. I think the tone of my voice in this blog post is inspired by his videos… I’m too excited. Probably also because I’m writing this even though I’m sleepy.


  3. Sitting on the toilet. And I think to myself…

    If you don’t recognize this, try searching it on youtube or something.

  4. Reading news articles. At least this is educational for me.


  5. Updating my blog. teehee!



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