Teacher’s Fashion


For the past few months, I have been trying to slowly accumulate clothes for a business casual attire.

When I shop, I keep in mind that showing too much skin would be inappropriate in Korean culture. My Korean friend recommended wearing skirts that hide your knees, and others advised me to avoid no sleeve shirts and deep v-neck shirts.

Another thing that I keep in mind is to not look like my students. I always get mistaken for being younger than my age, so I try to resist my urge to buy what I think is cute and go for ones that look more mature. Instead of my usual round-ended shoes, I bought some pointy heels today. Although sadly, I probably wouldn’t be able to wear my shoes inside the classroom…

Hopefully my style of fashion, along with my commitment to the job and positive attitude, will help me gain respect as a teacher from my students and co-workers.


2 thoughts on “Teacher’s Fashion”

  1. Yeah I’ve been looking for business clothes too! I think a well-cut blazer is the easiest way to look put together, and wearing pantyhose with skirts.


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